San Francisco, CA

Bay City Church




Eddie and Sarah Williams

Of the nearly 8 million people in the Bay Area, nearly 5 million are un-churched or have no religious affiliation. It is one of the wealthiest areas in the world and yet a quarter of the people live at or below the poverty line. As the city’s wealth increases, many families in the southeast part of San Francisco (Bayview, Hunter’s Point, Dogpatch) are being pushed out of the place they have known as home.

Eddie knows these neighborhoods well; he grew up in them. He was a gifted athlete, which provided him opportunities that led to the NFL. After moving several cities through his NFL career and settling down with his wife Sarah to work with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Eddie felt a pull to move back to the Bay Area. He and Sarah recognized the tension in the rapidly changing neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Eddie states, “We hope to help bridge this tension with the only thing that can: the Gospel of Jesus. Jesus died for our salvation. He also died for unity: reconciliation and justice in our communities. With the Kingdom of God at the forefront, we can work to bring these ideals into our neighborhoods." Eddie and Sarah are prayerful that God would use their story and this new church to help transform San Francisco with the Gospel of Jesus.