We Make It Simple.

Your church has a mission: to make disciples, to cultivate life change, to evangelize new believers, to mend broken lives, to serve the community.

But how do you multiply that mission? Orchard Group helps make it simple: You get top church planters and locations. You get new and maintained channels of accountability and support. You become meaningfully engaged. And you can share with your congregation stories of transformed lives.

Your Church Can Start New Churches


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The right planter and location, uncovered for you

Your church will have the best locations and leaders for church planting. That’s because Orchard Group’s executive staff has decades of experience in planting churches in challenging communities.

We have the tools to determine the gifting and potential of church planting candidates, and we personally visit each location to assess its need and opportunity.


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The right fit for your mission

Where is God leading your church to make a difference? Cities of greatest influence? Neighborhoods of greatest need? Places of disparity or injustice? Communities where Jesus remains unknown?

As a partner church, you select the church planting project that fits your mission.



You're on the team

As a partner church, you want your investment to be used effectively. That’s why Orchard Group creates and facilitates management teams that provide board-level accountability. This serves the lead planter with solid support before the church plant has developed its own internal governance, and it gives you a meaningful connection to the project.


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You can share the story with your people

As a partner church, you can celebrate the successes and prayerfully engage with the struggles of the church you help plant. Weekly updates, quarterly reports, and on-site visits provide opportunity for your church to truly know the planter and the location. And you get to share and celebrate the stories of genuine life change with your congregation.


Year over year

Your church's investment is effective: churches planted with Orchard Group grow stronger with each passing year.


​​Churches that are 0-5 years old are reaching 300+ people.


​​​​Churches that are 6-10 years old are reaching 600+ people.


​​​​Churches that are 10+ years old are reaching 1100+ people.

Your investment multiplies

When your church invests in starting new churches, it makes a difference that grows exponentially.

​That’s because by its 10th anniversary, the typical church planted with Orchard Group has given away more funding to external causes than it received to get started.

Inital investment
New Churches

Your church can start new churches

Do you serve with a church or organization that wants to further its mission through church planting? Let’s talk.

​​Luke Greer serves on Orchard Group’s executive team where he specializes in helping existing churches to start new churches. He's here to help answer questions and to introduce your team to the latest projects in the church planting pipeline.