Boise, ID

Oasis City Church


Spring 2023


Landon and Brooke Hairgrove

With God’s guidance, Landon and Brooke Hairgrove believe they can help to make a church where the wanderer will find refreshment, hope, healing, and renewal for the city of Boise.

In early 2021, Landon and Brooke began to sense God calling them to move their family to Boise, Idaho to plant a church that would be a spiritual oasis in what had steadily become a physical oasis for those seeking something new.

The fastest-growing city in the country between 2017 and 2018, Forbes ranked Boise as the best place to live for millennials in 2019. It draws pioneers, entrepreneurs, and dreamers. The city’s stated mission is to be “the most livable city in the country,” and it’s becoming an incredible place to raise a family, start a business, and enjoy life against the stunning backdrop of the Boise River Greenbelt. 

But while the positives of Boise attract and inspire, the city also holds a deep disparity. According to Barna Research, Boise is ranked as the 28th most unchurched and 24th most post-Christian city in the nation. The booming population growth needs more new churches to reach the city's many new residents. Christian churches are lacking, gospel saturation is at a deficit, and there is a great need for life-giving communities to bring hope and change to the Treasure Valley.

The Hairgroves desire to plant a church community where people can find purpose, passion, identity, and direction for the God-given gifts on their life. They are excited to carry out this mission on the beautiful city of Boise, and to work to see the city truly reflect the kingdom of God.

Landon shares, “Our hope is that people who have been trying to find their own way will come to know that Jesus is The Way as they encounter God in our weekend services, find authentic community in life groups, and start to discover God's purpose for their life. We’re dreaming God-sized dreams out here and we believe that with God’s hand on this project, He will reach the leaders of society, the next generation, the lost, hopeless, and desperate, and the families that shape our culture. Until Boise looks like heaven, the mission isn’t over!”