Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Project




Daniel and Alina Bocancea

"In Bucharest as it is in heaven,” has been the motivation and encouragement for Daniel and Alina who moved back to Daniel’s native Romania to plant a life-giving church in the capital city. 

They have been in ministry for nearly 12 years, and it was while serving in London when God dropped a desire in their hearts to reach Eastern Europe.

Bucharest, capital and largest city of Romania, is a vibrant city with 2.3 million people. Known as “Little Paris” (Micul Paris) due to its elegant architecture and sophistication, it's a progressive and creative city with rich in history and culture.  It’s a place that draws people for a better life by starting new careers through education or business. Bucharest has the highest number of students who immigrate in order to study, but end up staying because they love the city. At the same time, formerly a part of the communist regime, Bucharest still experiences scars from that time period that robbed so many people of their hopes and dreams.

Daniel and Alina hope to build a church that is at the heart of society and introduces people to Jesus and His church — a place where people can become more like Jesus, experience freedom and transformation, and belong to a community marked by grace and truth.

Daniel and Alina dream is to see this formerly communist region restored and aim to remind people that they have value, that they belong, and that they can start to dream God-sized dreams.