Camden, NJ

Accelerate Church


Fall 2021


Ernest and Sarah Grant

It all started with questions in their mind and a dream in their heart!

What if God wanted to use Ernest and Sarah Grant to start a new, life-giving church? What if that church was in Camden County? What if it was not only ethnically and economically diverse, but also helped people become closer to God? What if God wanted to use the two of them for such a time as this to bring unity, hope, and healing in the midst of this divided world? As they prayed, Ernest and Sarah asked God for clarity, and he began answering their prayers.

Time progressed, the dream started to take shape, and Ernest and Sarah began forming a launch team with the hope of being a bridge between Camden City and Camden County. For the last decade, Camden City has been considered one of the nation's most dangerous cities. Although tremendous strides have been taken to ensure public safety, there is still progress to be made. And although the city's challenges are well-known, it is located in Camden County — one of the more affluent in the region. Camden County is also known for its diversity, historical sites, and entertainment.  

Ernest and Sarah's dream and prayers for a church were becoming clear. This would be a church at the intersection of the center city and the surrounding towns where people from all over could come to know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference. Ernest and Sarah grew in conviction that God wanted to create a space where people from contrasting contexts could worship God together. Now, as they build and meet with a launch team, they are excited for the launch of this new church. They believe that God will bring unity in Camden City and Camden County for his people and his glory!