Cincinnati, OH

City Church Over-the-Rhine


Spring 2021


Chris and Katherine Marlin

Chris and Tyler met more than a decade ago in a college Bible study at Indiana University. At the time, neither were walking faithfully with Jesus. But God transformed their hearts, surrounded them with faith-filled friends, and gave their small community a big vision for a church that could transform a city. That city is Cincinnati.

A remarkable transformation is taking place in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. Once one of America’s most densely populated urban areas, Over-the-Rhine witnessed dramatic population decline throughout the 20th century. Remarkably, historic architecture and infrastructure remained intact even as businesses and residents retreated. Today, Over-the-Rhine is one of the largest, most intact urban historic districts in the United States.

Reinvestment from the city of Cincinnati and local businesses has led to the rapid redevelopment of the area. Forbes reports that over 150 new restaurants, bars, and shops have opened in Over-the-Rhine within the past few years. In the midst of this centrally-located neighborhood, a great opportunity exists for a healthy local church to serve incoming residents, and to participate in the ethical redevelopment of the area.