Greater Miami, FL

History Makers Church




Terrence & Emma Mullings

Originally from Australia, Terrence & Emma Mullings moved to Miami in February 2019 after sensing God's call to plant a church there. Ever since Terrence spent some of his childhood in Miami, God has shaped a desire for ministry in this great city. Now, they're forming connections and hosting family dinners in preparation to establish a new church. Emma and Terrence say, "This is becoming a church that brings people closer to God and to one another – a place where friends become family."

Even with a handful of other churches in the area, the vast majority of citizens in Greater Miami still lack a relationship with a life-giving church. In fact, it is estimated that 80% or more of the population has no church affiliation. And the area has incredible diversity: more than 50% of Miami's population was born outside of the U.S., a reality unique to Miami-Dade county.

Terrence & Emma have a deep desire to plant a life-giving church in Miami that helps bring unity among such great diversity. In a city which is the gateway to much of the world, they long to see this church serve as a gateway for people to become like Jesus.

Terrence and Emma are meeting regularly with a growing launch team, and they're eager to see a new church for Greater Miami launch weekly services beginning in 2021. Through this church, they look forward to coming alongside others in helping them know God, find freedom, discover their purpose, and be sent out to make a difference.