Oakland, CA

New City Church




Gabe & Kari Garcia

Within the diverse and unchurched context of Oakland, Gabe and Kari Garcia desire to see disciples of Jesus gathered, equipped, and unleashed for mission. They aim to plant a multi-ethnic, multi-class, and multi-generational church in Oakland that connects with the people of their city, and that helps to start other churches within the region.

For several years running, the major cities of the Bay Area (San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland) have been identified as some of the most unchurched cities in America. According to Barna Group, they also top the lists of the most de-churched cities and of the most post-Christian cities. 

Oakland is a city of incredible diversity. Of its 425,000+ inhabitants, 28.4% are hispanic, 27% are white, 22.9% are African American, and 15.4% are Asian. Oakland is also diverse economically: the median home property value is almost $700K, yet nearly 20% of its residents live in poverty.

As natives of the region, Gabe and Kari recognize a great opportunity for the gospel to bring together the beautifully diverse people of Oakland.