Seattle, WA

Seattle Project


Fall 2024


Filmore & Caitlin Bouldes

Filmore and Caitlin have a vision for a church in Seattle that gives a glimpse of heaven.

After dedicating nine fruitful years to serving as pastors on the bustling streets of New York City, Filmore and Caitlin felt a divine calling to journey back to Caitlin’s hometown of Seattle. The Lord opened a door in September 2023, and their hearts brimmed with a shared vision to establish a church that would serve as a beacon of hope and transformation for the local community.

Seattle is a city known for its tech innovation, coffee culture, and outdoor beauty. But it’s also a city known for its high number of atheists, agnostics, and spiritual disconnectedness. In fact, a recent NPR article illustrated this with the title, “Don’t Believe in God? Move to Seattle.’’

But Filmore and Caitlin believe Jesus has a better story for the wonderful people in the city of Seattle. They are working to build a life-giving community where people from all walks of life can encounter the life-changing presence of Jesus, cultivate deep connections that foster a sense of family, apply the timeless Biblical wisdom to their daily lives, and actively engage in making a positive impact on their city. Firmly believing that Seattle's brightest days lie ahead, Caitlin and Filmore are convinced that God has a special plan in motion for this city!

Their fervent prayer is for a revival to sweep across the entire Pacific Northwest region, stirring hearts and minds with the transformative power of God's love.