Seattle, WA

Icon Church




Justin and Emilie Anderson

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The presence of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft make it attractive to top young talent from around the globe. Seattle’s growing economy impacts the entire west coast and its global reach continues to grow. However, the city does face significant challenges.

Homelessness, gentrification, and racial disunity are real problems. A widening gap exists between those on their way up and those being displaced. 10% of residents in Seattle identify as atheists, the highest for any metro area in the nation.

The church has the chance to make a tangible impact by serving the common good of the city. Justin and Emilie Anderson desire to plant a church that “loves the King, seeks the Kingdom, and serves the Common Good in the center of Seattle.” They believe in the power of the gospel to transform and unify.

Justin has served as the lead church planter in two cities – Phoenix and San Francisco. He and his family have been living and serving in Seattle for the last two years. God has uniquely prepared Justin and Emilie for this new opportunity!